English Field Springer Spaniels are not only great hunters, but are wonderful pets. They start developing their own personalities between six and eight weeks old. They love attention and affection. Being a good owner of a Springer (as with any pet) means giving lots of love, having rules, and being consistent in following the rules and discipline. For example, being owners of a resort, our dogs are around people all of the time. We have taught them that they are not to jump up on people, they are not to bark at "strangers", they are allowed only in a certain area in the store (never on the carpet), at home, when allowed in the house they have designated rugs to lay on. Teaching them the rules from the start and being consistent with them are key factors. These dogs are very smart and want to please you, so along with scolding (giving a stern "NO" or "BAD DOG") when they do something wrong, you want to praise them when they do something right. They respond well to praise.
As you will see in the following Power Point, English Field Springers make not only great hunting dogs, but they make wonderful pets. Below the Power Point is a slideshow of Springer Spaniels. Turn up you volume for the slideshow.

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Terry and our English Field Springers

Enjoy this slideshow of Springer Spaniels