West Prairie Resort is a hunting lodge located in Central South Dakota. We proudly use English Field Springers in the field. They love to hunt. They have an amazing stamina. They hunt hard all day long. Field Springers have an exceptionally good sense of smell for finding birds, as well as great eyesight for marking downed birds to make long retrieves. They have lightning speed. Field Springers also quarter well with any size hunting group. Another great aspect of English Field Springers is the maintenance for them in the "off season". Their small size and gentle manner make it easy for their owners to care for them. They love to be with you and are courteous to other people. You can learn more about them on the "Pets Page".
To see pictures of our Springers in the field, please check out the Power Point above.

The power point (above) shows our English Field Springer Spaniels in the field. Please be patient as it takes a while for this power point to load. Click the mouse to advance to next slide. When finished, click the BACK button (instead of X'ing out).

Sugar (Remi's pup) Beautiful Retrieve!