West Prairie is proud to raise and sell English Field Springer Spaniel puppies. Puppies need socialization. It starts with us at West Prairie and must continue with you, the new owner, after you take it home. We expose our puppies to our family, other people, and other animals. Puppies need lots of human contact, affection, handling and exposure to other animals. A lack of socialization can cause fear and aggression as the puppy grows up. The puppies also need consistency when it comes to training them. It is important that family members agree on the rules and be consistent when enforcing them. Early training shapes the puppies personality, so you need to be clear in what you expect.
West Prairie has litters ready to go either in the spring or summer.

Check out the Power Point below to view some of West Prairie's pups. Remember to click the back button when finished.
Below the Power Point is a video... it gets a little long, but is well worth watching.
It shows development of puppies over 4 wks. of their life.

Remi & Gracie's pups at 4-5 weeks old

This video shows the development of 10 puppies from 3-7 weeks of age.
Notice the amount of human contact and attention given to the pups.